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Article IconWhy do businesses join your local chamber of commerce? When Keystone Specialties joined it's local chamber, it wasn't because we just wanted to be a member of another organization. It was because our chamber director could show us an active organization that was genuinely interested in promoting local business. However, according to our local postmaster, there are over 1700 businesses within our zip code, but only a little more than 600 are members of the Chamber. The question now is:

  • Why do the other 1100 other businesses not see the value in belonging to the chamber of commerce?
  • How many businesses join, only to drop out in a year?
  • Why do businesses drop out?
  • Did the business members feel there wasn't enough value in belonging to your chamber?

Keystone Specialties supports all chambers of commerce and strongly believe in what the chamber stands for and what you try to accomplish in your community. There will be a series of educational articles focused on helping your members expand their business. The articles will cover topics such as:

  •  web technology
  •  sales
  •  marketing
  •  good business management practices
  • green checkmarklong term planning strategies

When do I Get the FREE Articles?

6 times a year we will be sending out these new articles to those of have signed up for our FREE article subscription service. We are offering you the opportunity to download and use these articles, FREE of charge, in your chambers newsletter or emails. All we ask is that you reproduce the information as written. If you have interest and would like to receive these articles in your EMAIL, please fill out the form below.

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