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FREE Promotional Materials

Here at Keystone Specialties, Inc. we measure our achievements based upon your success! So, to help your Chamber, Merchants Association or Economic Development Organization we offer complete programs that include the tools to help you advertise your efforts, for FREE!

Over 25 years of experience has given us the knowledge to advise and assist you in putting together a program that will raise the funds you need easily and consistently year after year, while further promoting your community and organization at the same time.

One of the promotional tools we include in our fundraising programs, for FREE, is our custom promotional flyers. When used as store window posters, grocery store bag stuffers, or bulletin/ newsletter inserts, you can increase the exposure of your program many times over. Each promotional flyer features your chosen product, with your custom artwork, as a preview of your finished product. This will help enable you to begin your marketing and order taking even before your complete product inventory is in your hands.

FREE promotional materials

Our promotional materials also feature your organization as the sponsor for the project. By setting up our materials this way, we are helping to bring recognition to your organization and also to promote the efforts of your group.

Laid out in digital format, your flyers allow you to personalize your advertisement with such information as the dates of your sale, and the locations where the products will be available. Promotional flyers are formatted in full color to grab as much attention for your program as possible, and can be printed from any printer on any type of 8 1/2 x 11" paper stock you choose.

If you are planning to take advanced orders for your sale, we will happily incorporate an order form for your organization to use in collecting the information and tracking the sales placed.