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Glass Ball Ornaments Raise Money Every Year For Chambers of Commerce

John Hastings - Fountain Inn Chamber President - shared his success with fundraising using custom glass ball Christmas ornaments:

OBJECTIVE: The Fountain Inn Chamber has been buying the Treasured Scene Ornaments since about the year 2000. Our members and Christmas Guests and visitors look forward to "adding to the collections" each year. Finding just the right scene each year is the exciting part. Goal: To make sure we sell out.

PRODUCT USED: Treasured Scenes Glass Ball Christmas Ornaments

PURPOSE OF PURCHASE: Our Chamber sells the ornaments as a fundraiser, beginning in October during our Fall Festival. It's exciting to see people wanting to buy early and see what scene is on the ornament.

EXECUTION: As Chamber President, I make the decision as to what scene to use. I make sure I listen to others as they make their suggestions for different scenes to use.We then email our membership as to when the ornaments will be here for purchasing.

RESULTS: Our City of Fountain Inn always buys about 80-85 each year to give as gifts. That leaves approximately 65 ornaments the public can purchase. The Chamber donates about 10 ornaments to various organizations. We raised approx: $1400 in sales.