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Revision vs. Redraw

At Keystone Specialties, Inc we always want you to be happy with the custom image we create for you based on the images that are submitted to us. Before any artwork is started, your dedicated sales representative will talk with you about the design you are trying to achieve. All the details will be discussed and will be on your sales order, you will see the notes that will pertain to the image we create for you.

 We include one revision in your artwork fees. It is highly recommended that all desired changes to the 1st art draft are submitted at the same time.

No Charge Revisions

Some examples would be:

There are some occasions where a miscommunication may take place between you and the sales representative. If a mistake is made on our part, there is, of course, no charge. If you are not sure of what your intended change may be considered, never hesitate to contact your sales representative to discuss the change further.

Revisions that will incur additional cost

If more changes are requested after the 1st revision, the examples below would incur a $15.00 revision fee.

Revision example 1 Revision example 2


Redraws are considered a complete change to the original subject matter based off of the images submitted. The two pictures shown below give an example of what we consider a redraw. If a revision has not been used and you would like us to draw from a different photo, a $45 fee will applied. If a revision has already been used and you would like us to draw from a different photo, a new artwork fee of $85 will be charged. See examples below.

Redraw example 1 Redraw example 2
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