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Want a truly unique way to create a custom Christmas ornament? This might be what you are looking for. Our Treasured Scenes brass color filled ornaments can be shaped after any building, statue, church or object that you want to commemorate or raise funds for. This ornament format will allow for a clean and classy look to the subject of your choice.

Color Filled Brass Ornament Color Filled Brass Ornament Color Filled Brass Ornaments

These brass color filled ornaments are available in 3 sizes:

All you have to do is send in the photographs of the subject you wish to capture forever and our art department will create one of these beautiful ornaments. Your approved design is etched into the brass and then color filled with 2 or 3 enamel colors of your choice. The colors are totally up to you as we can PMS color match at no extra charge.

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After the colors have been baked in, a clear epoxy coating is applied to protect the ornament. A gold cord is attached for ease of hanging the ornament on a tree or display stand.

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