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Optic Haworth

This 10oz glass coffee mug makes a great collectable for use in any fundraising program. Don't be afraid to add color to this mug.

Optic Haworth Mug Plain
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Art for Mug imprint
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Imprinted Haworth Mug
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Satin Imprinted Mug
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Green imprinted mug
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Ceramic Mugs

The traditional ceramic mug. This mug is 11oz and can feature any of the options listed in the table below. Great for all occasions and hot beverages. Choose from 15 colors.

Almond Ceramic Mug
Black Ceramic Mug
Brown Ceramic Mug
Green Ceramic Mug
Light Gray Mug
Light Gray
Lime Green Ceramic Mug
Lime Green
Maroon Ceramic Mug
Midnight Blue Ceramic Mug
Midnight Blue
Ocean Blue Ceramic Mug
Ocean Blue
Orange Ceramic Mug
Pink Ceramic Mug
Purple Ceramic Mug
Royal Blue Ceramic Mug
Royal Blue
White Ceramic Mug
Yellow Ceramic Mug

1 Color vs. 2 Color vs. Full Color Imprint

One of the questions that always seems to come up is the difference between these color layouts. When doing a one color imprint, solid one color lines are used to give dimension to the design (i.e. building lines, roof lines). Shading (or gradient) coloring is not possible so a dot (spot) pattern is done. Look at the examples below to see these differences.

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Full Color Wrap Around Mug
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Shading is not always necessary. We can still do a full solid color imprint of a building on a mug. We suggest using a darker color mug with a light color imprint. This will allow the imprint to use the darkness of the mug to act as a background color and help to bring out the detail of the image. See examples below.

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to request more information, get a quote, or to purchase online, please view our Custom Mug store

Options for your Custom Mug

Something that everyone likes is options. The more the better. Listed in the table below are all the options that are available for your mug. Most will apply to the mug styles on this page, but our Client Services rep will help guide you through these options. Click on any image to enlarge photo.

Thumbnail Item No. Description
Gold Halo G01 Gold Halo
Platinum Halo G02 Platinum Halo
Gold imprint G03 Gold Imprint
Platinum Imprint G04 Platinum Imprint
Gold Cap Band G05 Gold Cap Band
Platinum Cap Band G07 Platinum Cap Band
Microwave Safe Gold Imprint G08 Microwave Safe Gold Imprint
Microwave Safe Gold Halo G11 Microwave Safe Gold Halo
Microwave Safe Gold Cap Band G15 Microwave Safe Gold Crown Band
Microwave Safe Platinum Imprint G16 Microwave Safe Platinum Imprint
Microwave Safe Platinum Halo G17 Microwave Safe Platinum Halo
Microwave Safe Platinum Cap Band G18 Microwave Safe Platinum Cap Band
Gold Crown Band G19 Gold Crown Band
Platinum Crown Band G20 Platinum Crown Band
Microwave Safe Gold Crown Band G21 Microwave Safe Gold Crown Band
Microwave Safe Platinum Crown Band G22 Microwave Safe Platinum Crown Band
Copper Medallion MED-cpr Two Dimensional Custom Copper Medallion (min 2500)
Gold Medallion MED-gld Two Dimensional Custom Gold Medallion (min 2500)
Pewter Medallion MED-pwt Two Dimensional Custom Pewter Medallion (min 2500)

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To start designing your own custom mug, give us a call at 1-800-240-8639 Monday thru Friday, 8am to 5pm EST

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