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Dear Friend,

Fundraising Made EasyWhen I first started raising funds for schools, churches and non-profits quite a few years ago, I quickly began to notice that some organizations had very successful fundraising projects, some did just “ok” and some were not very successful at all.

I started to ask myself “What was the defining differences between outstanding success or a dismal flop?”

Why did two like organizations of basically the same size, using the same project, have such wildly different results?

After working with many different types of organizations I noticed certain patterns emerging. Although there were many reasons, I found that the single biggest obstacle was Lack of Knowledge on how to conduct a successful project. It wasn’t that the folks in charge were not intelligent, motivated leaders, it just boiled down to the fact they didn’t have all the ins and outs of how to make it work the best.

As with most volunteer type organizations, the helpers were good hearted people that just wanted to “help out” and then found themselves in charge. Sound familiar?

Some leaders, having conducted a fundraiser before, or worked on the committee, were “elected” to do the next project as well. Still others had conducted some pretty successful fundraisers in the past but now seemed to be suffering declining revenues, fewer volunteers, etc. What to do?

Who Am I And Why Should You Listen To Me?

My name is John McWilliams and our company, Keystone Specialties, Inc., has been providing successful fundraisers for THOUSANDS of groups and organizations across America for over 21 years. Personally I have helped groups raise MILLIONS OF DOLLARS for much longer than that.

I hold the distinguished CAS and MAS (Certified and Master Advertising Specialist) designations from the Promotional Products Association International.

I have served as Vice President and Acting President of the Three Rivers Advertising Specialty Association. I also served as education chairman for a number of years and was instrumental in helping the entire membership advance their education by organizing advanced classes in business management, technology, sales and marketing. I was deeply honored by being chosen for induction into their Hall of Fame in 2004.

This real-world knowledge and experience has enabled me to identify most, if not all, fundraising “best practices”. I know what works and what doesn’t. I’ll help you use the best practices currently working for my clients and our staff’s clients. Best practices based not just on theory but based on what actually works today!

I’m sure if you’re like most leaders, you’ve purchased or conducted fundraising programs that just didn’t seem to make the grade in meeting your objectives.

Or, perhaps you’re new to conducting any type of fundraising project and need to know what the “best practices” are?

Whatever your situation, you REALLY need to read my Special FREE REPORT “Fund Raising Made Easy”. Don’t kick off another campaign until you read the FREE REPORT!

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John McWilliams

John McWilliams, MAS
Keystone Specialties, Inc.

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