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Celebrate Stained Glass Windows

Stained glass windows are a very special part of any church. They are beautiful works of art that are always admired by the church members and guests. Have you ever considered giving them the chance to take the window home with them? This is a great way to raise money for:

Choose From Our 6 Featured Items

Stained Glass Window Magnet Stained Glass Window Round Ceramic Ornament Stained Glass Window Ceramic Diamond Ornament
Magnets Round Ceramic Ornaments Diamond Ceramic Ornaments
Stained Glass Window Glass Ball Ornament Stained Glass Window Ceramic Trivet Stained Glass Window Plate
Glass Ball Ornaments Ceramic Trivets Plates

Create a Series of Collectibles

If you have more than 1 stained glass window in your church, you have a built in annual (or semi-annual) fundraiser at your fingertips! Every 6 months to a year you can release a different window, or scene from the window, on the same item as the previous one. Choose the window or scene you would like to feature first. (Keep in mind that it does not have to include the full window. Some windows have multiple features and can be used for a design that will follow in a series of scenes.)

We must admit though, the ornaments are, hands down the best and easiest way to have your members line up year after year to purchase the new, latest edition. Right now, across America, there are organizations that have a problem....they sell out!

 To help you get started, we will create a free presentation that will show your stained glass window on these 6 featured items. Below is an example.

If you are not sure what which collectible to start with, allow the church committee (or council) to choose what item they want to use. Or, run copies of the presentation and insert it into the Sunday bulletin. Explain what the money is to be used for and let the congregation “Vote” on what they would like to use. Either way will work. Who knows, maybe they will want to do multiple items.

Just give us a call at 1-800-240-8639 Monday-Friday 8am to 5pm EST, or fill out this form, to find out how to submit your picture to us for your FREE presentation. Now you have something to physically show everyone. Remember though, you are trying to create a “series” from the same “type” of collectible, not necessarily from “all” the items shown.

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